“How Is Your Self-Esteem?”
David M. Green

I.  Introduction

Matthew 22:36-40

            Society in general and the public school system in particular of our day and age always wants to talk about having a “good self-esteem.”  They brain wash kids into believing that self is #1, and we need to look at ourselves as such.  This has brought about the selfish attitude that people of our day and age have. 

            As I work in the public, I have noticed that parents do not discipline their children correctly and kids will get what they want when they want it because if they don’t, then their self-esteem will be lessened.  Yet, what does the Bible say?

            Our text is a good starting point.  Notice, when our Lord gave the two great commandments of the law, He spoke of loving God with all our heart, soul, and mind and loving our neighbor as our self.    There was no third commandment to love self, for He knows we already do.  It is human nature.  Following these two commandments is “against nature” and therefore, God must make them commandments.

II.  God is #1

Genesis 1:1

            Notice, “In the beginning, God…”  There was no man anywhere to be found, only God.  He did not need man to exist.   In eternity past, there were no humans, no humanistic ideals, and no man to try to tell God what to do.  God was perfectly fine without man.

III.  We are nothing

Psalm 8:3-4

            A consideration of the heavens in the light of the fact that God has created them, will result in the realization that everything the world teaches about self-esteem is wrong.

A.      The Bible Does Not Teach A Self-Exalting Gospel

II Corinthians 10:12-18

      The gospel that saves is a self-denying gospel.  The world wants a gospel that says “I did it.”  But the true gospel says “He did it.”

Isaiah 64:6

      At our very best, we are filthy rags!

B.       Christ Never Taught His Followers To Think Highly of Themselves

Matthew 16:24-25

      Our Lord says that there must be self-denial in following Him.  A true follower of Christ will “say no to self, no to worldly pleasures that satisfy self, and yes to the things that glorify our Lord.”

Luke 14:26

      If any man will be the disciple of Christ, he must deny all…even his own life.  All these things are hard, but for human nature, self-denial is hardest. 

C.  The Bible, Nowhere Teaches This Self-Exalting Idea Found Today

Ephesians 4:2

      This verse is the exact opposite of what people are taught today.  The Bible teaches humility!

Colossians 3:2

      Christians should clothe themselves in humility.

I Corinthians 13:2

      Advocates of the self-esteem system teach that we are nothing until we learn to love ourselves.  The Bible teaches we are nothing until we love others.

Romans 12:3

      We are commanded not to think of ourselves more highly than what we ought to think.  If we do, we are disobeying Gods word.  This disobedience causes more trouble in churches, families, and society in general than we could imagine.  If people were more humble, then there would be fewer problems!

IV.  Conclusion

James 4:10

            Humility does lead to esteem…The right kind of it, from the Lord!

Luke 18:9-14

            We do not need to “toot our own horn,” but we better be humble.  Selfishness and pride are of the Devil, but humbleness is what we need to be.