South Shore KY
Elder James Hobbs Sr, Pastor

Bible Conference
April 2-4, 1993

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NOTE:  I think this is in the correct order, but I MIGHT be missing a tape.  If that is the case and you know it, please tell me!

1.   "Salvation by Grace" by Elder Alvin Green     (listen | download)
2.   "The Rapture" by Elder Pete Horn     (listen | download)
3.   "The Tribulation Period" by Elder Doug Newell      (listen | download)
4.   "The Days of Noe and Lot" by Elder Bob Allard    (listen | download)
5.   "In The Spirit On The Lord's Day" by Elder John Suarez    (listen | download)
6.   "The Millenium" by Elder Earl Smith      (listen | download)
7.   "Godly Living" by Elder Michael Beight      (listen | download)
8.   "Correction vs Child Abuse" by Elder Fred Roberts    (listen | download)
9.   "The Source of Truth" by Elder William Younger    (listen | download)
10.  "Homosexuality and the Bible" by Elder Dwayne Reinhardt    (listen | download)
11.  "Abortion" by Elder Gene Kiger     (listen | download)
12.  "A Missionary Church" by Elder Peter Halliman     (listen | download)
13.  "When Christ Will Come Back" by Brother Laki Alupa      (listen | download)
14.  "Living Together vs Adultery" by Brother Rex Smith      (listen | download)
15.  "The Battle of Armageddon" by Elder James Hobbs      (listen | download)