South Shore KY
Elder James Hobbs Sr, Pastor

Bible Conference
April 5-7, 1996

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These may not be in the order they were originally preached.  Unfortunately, I lost my program and have not found anyone who still has one.  So, they are on here at a random order at this point.  I suspect I am missing a tape or two, so if you have the missing tape(s), please tell me!

"Total Depravity" by Elder Mike Prater  (listen | download)
"Unconditional Election" by Elder Gene Kiger      (listen | download)
"Limited Atonement"  by Elder John Lenegar    (listen | download)
"Irresistible Grace" by Elder Earl Smith    (listen | download)
"Preservation and Perseverance of the Saints" by Elder John Hinson    (listen | download)
"Why Missions?"  by Elder Don Shockey    (listen | download)
"Why Tithe?" by Elder Don Chance     (listen | download)
"Why Pray" by Elder William Younger    (listen | download)
"Why Preach?" by Elder Carl Barnette       (listen | download)
"Angels" by Elder Jonathan Gordon   (listen | download)
"Why Join and Attend a Church?" by Elder Car Morton   (listen | download)
"The Local Church" by Elder Rick Perdue    (listen | download)
"What The Resurrection of Christ Means To A Christian" by Elder Alvin Green      (listen | download)
"The Importance of Baptism" by Elder Fred Roberts      (listen | download)
"The Judgment Seat & Great White Throne" by Elder James Hobbs       (listen | download)
"The Triune God" by Elder Bob Allard     (listen | download)
"Is Hell Real?" by Brother Rex Smith      (listen | download)
"Can There Be Revival Today?"  by Elder Bob Asbury      (listen | download)
"Complaining or Giving Thanks - Which?"  by Elder Pete Horn      (listen | download)