South Shore KY
Elder James Hobbs Sr, Pastor

Bible Conference
April 1-3, 2005

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"Preaching the Lord Jesus Christ" by Elder Tom Hysell (listen | download)
"Total Depravity" by ElderJohn Lenegar (listen | download)
"The Baptist Heritage" by Elder Steve Lacrone (listen | download)
"God: Our Refuge and Strength" by Elder Justin Meier (listen | download)
"Creation" by Elder Roger Reed (listen | download)
"The Bible" by Elder Gordon Buchanan (listen | download)
"Peru Mission Report" by Elder Jason Minix (listen | download)
"Godliness" by Elder Paul Jackson (listen | download)
"What Is A Missionary?" by Elder Pete Horn (listen | download)
"What About 'Christian Rock'?" by Elder John Pruitt (listen | download)
"Sitting at the Enemies Fire" by Elder Paul Stepp (listen | download)
"Things To Do On Sunday" by Elder David Green (listen | download)
"Signs of the Times" by Elder Don Pennington (listen | download)
"Homosexuality and the Times" by Brother Barry Boswell (listen | download)
"Prophecy of Christ" by Elder Rex Smith (listen | download)
"Broken To Be Whole" by Elder Harry Balmer (listen | download)
"The Role Of The Church In America" by Elder James Hobbs (listen | download)