South Shore KY
Elder James Hobbs Sr, Pastor

Bible Conference
March 30 - April 1, 2007

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1.  "The Signs of the Times" by Elder Pete Horn  (listen | download)
2.  "The Rapture" by Elder Tom Hysell  
(listen | download)
3.   "Look for and Love His Appearing" by Elder Willard Pyle  (listen | download)
4.  "Rewards For the Believers"  by Elder Matt Stepp  (listen | download)
5.  "The Bride of Christ" by Elder Pete Horn  (listen | download)
6.  "The Mark of the Beast" by Elder Roger Reed  (listen | download)
7.  "The Tribulation Period" By Elder James Crace  (listen | download)
8.  "The Two Witnesses" by Elder John Pruitt  (listen | download)
9.  "The Battle of Armageddon" by Elder Troy Sheppard  (listen | download)
10.  "The New Jerusalem" by Elder James Hobbs  (listen | download)
11.  "Are You  Saved?" Brother Steven West  (listen | download)
12.  "The 1000 Year Reign of Christ" by Elder Troy Sheppard  (listen | download)
13.  "From Weapons To Plowshares" by Elder David M. Green
 (listen | download)
14.  "Living Godly" by Elder Eldon Joslin  (listen | download)
15.  "The Battle of the Nations" by Elder Doug Newell, III  (listen | download)
16.  "What! No More Pain?  No More Night?"  by Brother Rex Smith   (listen | download)
17.  "Israel's Future" by Elder David Green  (listen | download)
18.  "Hell" by Elder Harry Balmer  (listen | download)