South Shore KY
Elder James Hobbs Sr, Pastor

Bible Conference
April 1-3, 2011

To listen to a sermon, simply click on the title you would like to listen to.  If you wish to download it then right-click on the title and click "save as."

As a reminder, from the back of the Conference program:
"None of us will agree with every preacher on all points.  We are not here for the purpose of finding fault, but to glorify our Lord together.  It is our desire that we strive to fellowship in love with one another."

"Church Authority" by Elder Doug Newell IV
"The Role of the Pastor" by Elder John Pruitt
"The Role of the Deacon" by Elder Doug Newell III

"Respecting The House of God" by Elder James Crace
"Sunday: The Christian Sabbath" by Elder Justin Meier
"Why Use The KJV Only?"  by Elder Pete Horn

"Tithing"  by Elder David Green
Signs of the Last Days" by Elder Frank McLanahan
"Thank God for Pre-Tribulation"  by Elder Harry Balmer
"The Great Falling Away" by Elder Matt Stepp

"The Woman's Headcovering" by Elder James Hobbs
"Baptism" by Elder Tom Hysell
"The Lord's Supper"  by Elder Harry Balmer

"The Bride of Christ" by Elder Rex Smith
"The Power of the Gospel" by Elder Al Malo
"The Great White Throne Judgment" by Elder John Hinson